Grace World Outreach Church

category: Church
address: 20366 Cortez Blvd, Brooksville, FL 34601, United States
Phone: +1 352-796-3685
Monday8 AM–4:30 PM
Tuesday8 AM–4:30 PM
Wednesday8 AM–4:30 PM
Thursday8 AM–4:30 PM
Friday8 AM–12:30 PM
Sunday8 AM–1 PM

rayting: 4.5
services: Accessibility: Wheelchair-accessible car park, Wheelchair-accessible entrance,

Name: G*** L** P****** T*************
Date: 2023-09-17 20:43:00
Rating: 5
Comment: Most of the time we say “There is no place like home” but when you visit Grace World Outreach you start saying “There is no place like Grace”. Pastor Daniel and his wife are amazing and have a lot of knowledge of the Word Of God. If you visit Grace you will see all the attention, while you attend the Service your kids are in good hands (Nursiting or Daycare). You can eat delicious food in the restaurant with affordable prices, you buy books, bible… in the library, clean restroom… it’s a big place with good air conditioning … and much, much more. And now your kids can attend school in the new facility: Grace Outreach Elementary School. Compassion food is my favorite activity helping the community with food. That’s why “There is no place like Grace”.

Name: S******* S*******
Date: 2023-08-14 13:39:05
Rating: 5
Comment: Teaches the word of the Bible for your understanding. The pastor can show an illustration and still stay on his subject that the Lord has given him to teach the people!

Name: M******** M*****
Date: 2023-08-07 20:25:58
Rating: 5
Comment: My husband and I moved to Brooksville 4+ years ago and began visiting Grace World Outreach a year later. however, we stopped attending due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We decided to go back 3 weeks ago and I can honestly say I missed worshiping at Grace World! I love everything about this church! I look forward to getting involved in the church as i want to make it our home!. God bless
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Name: S**** F******
Date: 2023-06-02 08:23:40
Rating: 5
Comment: Most watered church.

Name: K*** A********
Date: 2023-01-29 13:16:04
Rating: 5
Comment: After a long 6 mo. of church shopping we are so excited to have found Grace World. The music, the atmosphere, the presence of our Lord, the energy, and the fantastic relevant message from Pastor Daniel, that were Bible based, hooked us. Just the worship experience we were looking for in church.

Name: C********** V******* R****
Date: 2021-09-02 12:56:35
Rating: 5
Comment: MakeanewvideoonGraceworld

Name: M** D******
Date: 2021-04-21 02:40:57
Rating: 5
Comment: This past Sunday Service Was outstanding Pastor Its good when 2 people Agree to disagree.

Name: R***** B******
Date: 2020-10-26 18:21:21
Rating: 5
Comment: 👏🙌💜💙💚💛😇

Name: S**** H******
Date: 2020-10-04 13:04:07
Rating: 5

Name: m**************
Date: 2020-09-29 01:09:19
Rating: 5
Comment: If you looking for a great place to worship where you feel like your home and people are very loving toward you then youre in the right place

Name: C******* E****
Date: 2020-09-26 20:56:27
Rating: 5
Comment: Very nice people.

Name: N**** & J**
Date: 2020-07-13 15:08:30
Rating: 5
Comment: This church feels like home. My daughter loves going to the childrens church and we always receive a great word from the Jesus. You can feel Gods presence when you walk into this place and everyone is so welcoming and kind. Pastor Daniel is very down-to-earth and full of compassion. It is evident that he hears from God and shares that passion for winning souls for Gods kingdom!! Thank you for allowing the Holy Spirit to move in these critical end times!!!

Name: K*** D********
Date: 2020-07-10 05:20:23
Rating: 5
Comment: I feel the Holy Spirit moving their and can see it in the people that go their and how new comers enjoy feel welcome their and feel their Spirit moving inside of them.

Name: B**** M*******
Date: 2020-03-29 01:28:04
Rating: 5
Comment: One of the best things to ever happen to me was walking through the doors of Grace world outreach church .It changed my life forever thank you pastor David.

Name: G***** O****
Date: 2020-02-24 02:23:12
Rating: 5
Comment: It a church that’s “All In”.......for families, community and all of nature coast❤️

Name: m*** s******
Date: 2020-02-18 21:40:30
Rating: 5
Comment: Friendly church and school , place even hosts local school graduations there

Name: C**** S****
Date: 2020-01-28 19:37:46
Rating: 5
Comment: Help for those in need

Name: J*** S*******
Date: 2020-01-10 17:04:34
Rating: 5
Comment: Everytime I leave,I always come back,a very uplifting,powerful place.Its the only church I have attended in the area,where I truly felt the presence of God,and felt the word sink on.Pastor Daniels and his wife are strong in their faith.But even stronger for the love of their assembly of worshippers.

Name: W**** M*********
Date: 2019-12-27 07:55:17
Rating: 5
Comment: Awesome acusticsin the hall pastor Garcia is the greatest all around the best

Name: R****** A*********
Date: 2019-11-15 20:41:36
Rating: 5
Comment: Had accident in front of church, I was allowed to get assistance and use restroom

Name: C**** G******* A********
Date: 2019-11-01 20:31:21
Rating: 5
Comment: Lovely people lovely place

Name: A*** G***
Date: 2019-10-31 00:22:24
Rating: 5
Comment: Came from a church on Long Island to Florida 14 yrs ago went to a few churches till Holy Spirit led me to Grace World Outreach Church! Thank you Lord Jesus that was led here! This is my extended family because they love people as Lord Jesus said to do!

Name: R** H******
Date: 2019-10-21 22:04:26
Rating: 5
Comment: Most recent activity was marriage seminar - awesome. Small groups are amazing, Leadership is awesome. Great place for encouraging Spirit and Soul.

Name: A****** D*********
Date: 2019-10-20 14:24:16
Rating: 5
Comment: Watched on line, preaching is right on in these last days. We need a revival, excellent worship and anointing and this place has it all, Praise God!

Name: Y****** P***
Date: 2019-08-22 02:51:42
Rating: 4
Comment: Love the community outing available for the kiddos

Name: R******* L****
Date: 2019-08-12 21:29:17
Rating: 5
Comment: This is Our Church Family, we love, we cry, we share and live life together. Its Home, its Family, although it looks big from the outside once inside love floods your soul!!!! Thank you Heavenly Father for every person who fills my life...🙌🙏💞🕊️🙏🙌 JESUS is the message and Love is what we live.

Name: J**** S*****
Date: 2019-07-10 11:49:27
Rating: 5
Comment: I saw my baby graduate hs

Name: K****
Date: 2019-06-18 04:11:53
Rating: 5
Comment: Beautiful music and just a beautiful place filled with the holy spirit

Name: R***** D**** J*
Date: 2019-06-09 23:40:55
Rating: 4
Comment: Very nice place

Name: J**** D****
Date: 2019-06-09 18:03:42
Rating: 5
Comment: Great place for graduation , thanks Grace outreach church!!!

Name: D**** A***
Date: 2019-06-08 01:30:02
Rating: 4
Comment: Nice place for graduation.

Name: B********* S*****
Date: 2019-06-05 03:07:00
Rating: 5
Comment: Awesome

Name: M***** R********
Date: 2019-05-30 20:50:27
Rating: 5
Comment: What can I say its a great church

Name: K**** S******
Date: 2019-05-25 02:47:39
Rating: 5
Comment: Had to vote

Name: c***** f****
Date: 2019-05-23 12:11:46
Rating: 5
Comment: Beautiful facility. Many outreach programs

Name: S***** M*********
Date: 2019-05-10 23:53:02
Rating: 5
Comment: Love them a true blessing

Name: M******* P*****
Date: 2019-05-10 20:06:13
Rating: 5
Comment: Thank you for Farmshare

Name: C***** G****
Date: 2019-04-30 15:29:54
Rating: 5
Comment: Great service

Name: K**** S*******
Date: 2019-04-22 16:45:35
Rating: 5
Comment: Amen and Amen

Name: N**** M
Date: 2019-03-30 14:45:23
Rating: 4
Comment: Awesome people. They help hundreds of people a day!!!

Name: S**** H***
Date: 2019-03-09 06:22:01
Rating: 5
Comment: Great panty never know what you will get. But they are there for the community. God Bless 🙏😇😇🙏 those that help you.

Name: D**** G*******
Date: 2019-02-19 08:41:39
Rating: 4
Comment: Wonderful place to worship

Name: N****** H**********
Date: 2019-02-14 18:12:54
Rating: 5
Comment: Great place

Name: S****** M***
Date: 2019-01-30 00:11:13
Rating: 5
Comment: Teaching is based from the word of God, the Holy Bible. Awesome Pastor.

Name: K**** B******
Date: 2019-01-29 13:19:18
Rating: 5
Comment: Awesome place very nice people

Name: S**
Date: 2019-01-25 23:06:00
Rating: 4
Comment: The dome is impressive

Name: R**** V********
Date: 2019-01-25 10:25:13
Rating: 5
Comment: The atmosphere is filled with worship and a hunger for more of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Sound Biblical preaching and teaching. Very friendly and warm congregation. You will be changed and your life will be blessed!!

Name: J*** v V*******
Date: 2019-01-21 14:55:30
Rating: 5
Comment: Good service

Name: J***** P******
Date: 2019-01-06 02:05:34
Rating: 5
Comment: Ive been going there for a several weeks now. Its a very large domed top sanctuary. I believe it is an Assembly of God denomination church. Its very much my style although I prefer a smaller church. You can buy breakfast before the service. The people are very nice and they are very handicap friendly and lots of parking too. They even have golf carts to take you to your car. Service is at 10:00 a little early for me.

Name: R***** M*****
Date: 2018-12-28 14:22:35
Rating: 5
Comment: Great word.

Name: R** D****
Date: 2018-12-10 14:26:20
Rating: 5
Comment: Everyone is welcome youre treated like family and farmshare makes it a plus 25/35

Name: C D J******
Date: 2018-12-06 11:40:03
Rating: 5
Comment: Enjoyed a great concert, food truck outside, water and candy sales inside.

Name: G*** H*****
Date: 2018-11-07 02:19:36
Rating: 5
Comment: If you want a church where the spirit of God is allowed to flow. This is the place.

Name: J***** B******
Date: 2018-09-14 01:35:52
Rating: 5
Comment: In San Jose C.R., in Barrio Dent I had the opportunity to present myself in the congregation led by Pastor Brent and his assistant Dominic

Name: C****** W************
Date: 2018-05-11 02:48:17
Rating: 5
Comment: We laughed and cried, what a great time, Chonda Pierce was awesome

Name: J******* & B******* C****
Date: 2018-03-26 17:07:05
Rating: 5
Comment: Gave my life back to God at this church, experienced the baptism of the Holy Spirit and have never looked back, Im excited to read the bible and study on my own and in groups, cant wait to serve in new areas.I know its Jesus who does all the work. I do thank God for putting me and my wife in this church.I have seen in some other reviews people had trouble getting help with guidance. There are several pastors to come to, not just the head pastor. When I realized churchs have many leaders to talk to, I was able to get the help I needed quickly. :)

Name: S***** D*****
Date: 2018-03-04 00:37:32
Rating: 5
Comment: Great Church

Name: C***** T*****
Date: 2018-03-03 16:35:29
Rating: 4
Comment: Wonderful service, not enough handicap parking spaces

Name: C****** W*********
Date: 2018-01-22 18:46:13
Rating: 5
Comment: Uplifting people and amazing community help

Name: C**** C****
Date: 2017-11-01 20:37:44
Rating: 5
Comment: Ive been a member since 2000, this is home for me. True spirit of worship and great people, all are welcome.

Name: L****** M*****
Date: 2017-11-01 00:22:53
Rating: 5
Comment: Awesome

Name: t****** h*****
Date: 2017-10-01 16:55:41
Rating: 5
Comment: Excellent church very relevant

Name: J*** N****
Date: 2017-10-01 16:52:34
Rating: 5
Comment: This. Please is the best to get worseOf God this is the best

Name: T** a** Y******* A******
Date: 2017-09-07 20:34:19
Rating: 5
Comment: Awesome preaching of Gods holy word, and all kinds of discipleship classes to grow your faith... Love it.

Name: N*** C*****
Date: 2017-09-07 01:02:02
Rating: 5
Comment: You already know what it is! This church is my home. Amazing service you will truly get closer to Jesus Christ! JESUS GANG 🤓💪

Name: J****** W***
Date: 2017-08-27 17:50:24
Rating: 5
Comment: One word.. amazing

Name: S**** P G*****
Date: 2017-08-12 05:07:29
Rating: 5
Comment: Learned a lot from this church

Name: J***** �***********
Date: 2017-07-30 16:37:26
Rating: 5
Comment: Great preaching. Community groups, childrens church. 9am and 11am service

Name: L*** R***
Date: 2017-07-16 15:26:04
Rating: 5
Comment: This preaching is what has got me through the 10 years of my life. When I thought of my life couldnt have peace in it , it let me walk in a life that I can understand that if you need and want to love and change yourself. The words that you need to hear from God our Almighty Savior. It is here , where I gave my life to my Savior and he has been with me. Now that I think about it,HE has always been there. My church has been there for my children, and my grandchildren. Without being part of it, I would not like to think of what could of happened if we werent part of a strong church and Leader like Pastor Garcia and all the people that helped us through the difficult times in our lives. I Praise the Lord Jesus Christ for sending me on my way to where I belong. Amen

Name: w****** r*****
Date: 2017-07-08 01:22:10
Rating: 5
Comment: The moving of God

Name: D** S*****
Date: 2016-12-25 04:39:11
Rating: 5
Comment: Awesome insights and indepth teaching from the Bible. GWOC also has a variety of small groups during the week with many kinds of interest groups. Its a great way to get to know people with similar interests and then after 12 weeks, you can sign up for another. I personally have made some quality connections with people that I would not have had the opportunity to get to know otherwise. Thanks Pastor Garcia!!

Name: E******** C********
Date: 2016-12-17 20:15:33
Rating: 4
Comment: Great youth & amazing flow of God.

Name: l**** c***
Date: 2016-10-22 00:49:55
Rating: 5
Comment: Great church pastors has good messages and the worship is powerful.

Name: B F*******
Date: 2016-07-24 13:17:41
Rating: 5
Comment: I am proud to attend this church, I enjoy the services, I really like the bold preaching and teaching of the word of GOD from pastor Garcia and the other pastors of this church. This is the church to go to if you want truthful, accurate, bold teaching of the word of GOD. If you want your ears tickled you need to attend a Joel Osteen type of church.

Name: J**** D***
Date: 2016-05-21 18:36:20
Rating: 5
Comment: Great church! Responsible & relevant preaching.

Name: A*** C*****
Date: 2016-04-29 16:50:23
Rating: 5
Comment: Pastor Garcia teaches the truth and prepares each of us who hear and do for our benefit in the earth and the kingdom.

Name: R********* R****** (*****
Date: 2016-02-19 23:38:22
Rating: 5
Comment: A place where the Anointing of the Holy Spirit flows.

Name: A** B***
Date: 2015-12-21 15:56:51
Rating: 5
Comment: Pastor Garcia is the best!!!

Name: D C
Date: 2015-04-03 12:16:49
Rating: 5
Comment: Great Foundation. Amazing Pastors who care about people. For all kids, teens, windows, young adults and elderly. There is something for everyone come be apart. Most of all the Lord is here!

Name: B***** B***
Date: 2015-03-24 10:26:59
Rating: 5
Comment: Great people, message, music. Theres so much to be apart of. Plus, more importantly, you can tell that God isnt just apart of it. Hes the center of it. Im 22, so its a great church for all ages.