Lighthouse Community Church

category: Church, Religious organization
address: 650 S Federal Hwy, Dania Beach, FL 33004, United States
Phone: +1 954-923-8660
Tuesday9:30 AM–4 PM
Wednesday9:30 AM–4 PM
Thursday9:30 AM–4 PM
Friday9:30 AM–4 PM
Sunday9:30–11 AM

rayting: 4.9
services: Accessibility: Wheelchair-accessible car park, Wheelchair-accessible entrance,

Name: C**** G***
Date: 2023-05-19 21:24:45
Rating: 4
Comment: Nice church very comfortable

Name: S**** P********
Date: 2023-04-02 16:30:10
Rating: 5
Comment: Family friendly. They are so welcoming. Love this Church!

Name: R***** L****
Date: 2023-02-14 01:27:25
Rating: 5
Comment: Best church!! They truly love Jesus and each other!! Pastor Greg and Rob are amazing!!! So blessed that we found them!!
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Name: R** R***
Date: 2022-12-25 12:49:40
Rating: 5
Comment: This is an amazing and blessed collection of Pastors, Deacons and Congregants who love the Lord.

Name: A********
Date: 2022-12-04 05:01:53
Rating: 5
Comment: Sunday service is always a message I need to hear. Worship time is wonderful. Everyone is friendly. Pastor preaches recovery messages. Then, Monday night at 8pm is an inspirational service at Lighthouse Recovery. Lighthouse speaks a lot about forgiveness and grace Gods love and mercy. A lot of activities for children and adolescents as well as Bible studies, seminars, and discipleship classes. Its like having a 2nd family.

Name: M****** V*********
Date: 2022-10-09 17:57:38
Rating: 5
Comment: Love this Church!!! Pastor Greg Always speaks in a way that brings the word so close to my heart and fills my eyes with tears as I realize how the Lords love & grace is ever so present in my life. 💖✨

Name: L**** C********
Date: 2022-08-07 17:00:55
Rating: 5
Comment: Looking for the next step into your spiritual journey with no judgements or fluff then this is the place. Call or stop on by. Times are listed on the website. Youll never know what good you might be missing out on. Make this the appointment you dont cancel.

Name: L* H
Date: 2022-05-24 16:01:45
Rating: 5
Comment: Love this place. Everyone should come visit and feel the power of God with the humble pastors and friendly staff. Down to earth. Come as you are.

Name: 1*******
Date: 2022-05-08 20:09:36
Rating: 5
Comment: Really nice. Plenty of parking. Beautiful exterior wonderful music, a speaker outside playing the music to welcome you. Friendly ushers, comfortable seating, cool AC, great Pastor, and no pressure to donate repeatedly throughout the service. Just a box at the entrance. One hour, in and out. For people like myself that struggle with procrastination, a short attention span, and hypersensitivity to external a desire to stay in a nice, positive,safe,sober and sane neighborhood...this was a pleasant surprise. I will be back.

Name: d** d*
Date: 2022-04-19 11:09:49
Rating: 5
Comment: Awesome

Name: M****** B*****
Date: 2022-03-23 05:09:00
Rating: 5
Comment: This church sticks with the teachings of the Bible and Jesus. We landed in this area and god showed us a wonderful church with amazing pastors who are so passionate and humble. I love Pastor Greg’s sermons. He relates to real life today so much, and always teaches us something new. He also married my wife and I and the wedding was so beautiful. I have so much faith that everyone that helps out here cares about the Word and every one us.

Name: M*** C****
Date: 2021-12-11 18:57:48
Rating: 5
Comment: Great Church to attend 🙏

Name: D**
Date: 2020-12-01 22:43:23
Rating: 5
Comment: Dear, Brother Mac & Lighthouse ChurchOn behalf of my daughter and myself we would like to express our sincere thanks for the lovely food basket we received from your church, your volunteer’s and the much needed support given to the community in Hollywood at this unprecedented era upon us with the global pandemic and the hardships that affect us all in one way or the other. Blessings!.Respectfully, Daisy & Crystal-lynne O’Brien12/1/2020Dear Brother Mario,Light House ChurchOnce again I would like to thank the Light House Church, for sending the wonderful Thanksgiving Dinner I received for my special needs daughter, it was amazing all the fixings too! my dear neighor Stephen surpised us and my daughter was able to eat it out on the patio, I placed an ornament on the table that represents the giving hands she was so happy! Thanks for taking care of our Hollywood Community during the 100th YearPandemic.Respectfully, Daisy & Crystal-lynne OBrien

Name: D M
Date: 2020-11-08 00:51:33
Rating: 5
Comment: Great place to worship God and be inspired to live how he wants us to.

Name: P******* V** J******
Date: 2020-03-22 15:52:29
Rating: 5
Comment: This is church as God intended, meaning genuine love and care for people is flowing here, and surely The Word of God is too!

Name: J******* H*********
Date: 2020-03-16 17:33:29
Rating: 5
Comment: Great service

Name: M***** B*******
Date: 2020-01-20 05:28:16
Rating: 5
Comment: A light in the darkness!!!! Shining beacon of hope!!! A church of Jesus lovers. Biblically sound preaching and discipleship. So thankful to be a part of this body of believers

Name: E* C****
Date: 2019-11-14 02:48:53
Rating: 5
Comment: If you are looking for a welcoming house of God, this is it.

Name: B**** R******
Date: 2019-10-09 02:58:57
Rating: 5
Comment: A great place to worship and bring your friends

Name: B****** H*****
Date: 2019-09-29 16:00:38
Rating: 5
Comment: Beautiful church with great leadership!

Name: J******* H*********
Date: 2019-09-16 16:32:41
Rating: 5
Comment: Love this place

Name: L***** F*****
Date: 2019-08-12 00:02:22
Rating: 5
Comment: Service was great today and very joyful movements in the Holy spirit for his peoples to be aware for the LOVE of the peoples. That why I gave five stars.

Name: K**** T*****
Date: 2019-08-06 20:06:22
Rating: 5
Comment: Incrediblr family. Saved my life

Name: D****** W*****
Date: 2019-07-21 12:13:40
Rating: 5
Comment: Lighthouse will teach you the Bible like you never known it changed my husband and me completely to pray and keep wanting to get closer to God, come and change with us it’s a wonderful family there

Name: J*** P****
Date: 2019-05-24 23:42:46
Rating: 5
Comment: Great place to worship

Name: G***
Date: 2019-05-23 13:59:47
Rating: 5
Comment: If your hungry for God’s truth, fellowship, And a family that will love you unconditionally. This is the church for you. I found a home and Pastors Who love God and And preach Jesus life, death, and resurrection and Loved me back to life.

Name: c*** m*****
Date: 2019-05-13 22:49:04
Rating: 5
Comment: Great church

Name: L**** B***
Date: 2019-05-11 16:49:50
Rating: 5
Comment: Great Fellowship, PLEASE Visit

Name: T******** M*****
Date: 2019-04-21 21:39:59
Rating: 5
Comment: The spirit of God flows through this church from the true teaching of the pastors on down through the congregation

Name: R**** L****
Date: 2019-04-14 20:49:05
Rating: 5
Comment: Met many people here.Ray Charless daughter sang here & shared her Road to Recovery

Name: D**** S**********
Date: 2019-04-14 16:50:21
Rating: 5
Comment: Pastor preaches the word friendly people good praise music great Bible studies good kids ministry Wednesday night groups of several varieties its a nice church located on US-1 where the maritime building is about 7th Street I highly recommend it if you want to know Jesus and you just want to hear the word of God stop on by and get a good dose of the word of God in your heart if you need praying for those people there that will talk to you and pray for you no judgement come as you are we all love you

Name: j** b***********
Date: 2019-04-09 21:20:12
Rating: 5
Comment: Great Pastors

Name: W***** R******
Date: 2019-02-25 11:47:08
Rating: 5
Comment: The atmosphere there is so welcoming

Name: A*** R*****
Date: 2018-09-11 01:18:41
Rating: 5
Comment: Our home church! You and your family will definitely find a spot. No one is shunned upon. They have a heart for the broken especially those in recovery.

Name: m****** m*******
Date: 2018-07-07 20:51:21
Rating: 5
Comment: Uplifting worship, message on point, 3 pastors 3 flavors, 3 more ways to adore god!

Name: S****** S******
Date: 2018-06-24 05:13:49
Rating: 5
Comment: What an expression of God’s love! A true example of what it means to be a “follower of Christ.” Each Pastor leads by a living example with a great testament of faith. I am proud to call Lighthouse Community Church my “home Church.” Looking forward to the next service!

Name: C******** R******
Date: 2018-06-19 02:10:04
Rating: 5
Comment: The people are kind. The bible is represented truthfully. Always a blessing. FAMILY. Real people! If you are new and not sure about being at or going to a church....Its a safe place to come get to know Jesus!

Name: D*** K*****
Date: 2018-06-12 21:48:58
Rating: 5
Comment: This is a great church!

Name: b**** m*******
Date: 2018-06-03 18:25:14
Rating: 5
Comment: This morning after the 9:00 am service i was heading towards my car when i noticed i had a flat tire. i proceeded to unlock my car door and consider my options for resolving my dilemma. A woman on a bike saw what was happening and said come on lets fix that tire, do you know where the jack is ? i opened the back of my suv and Carrie began unpacking the tools we would need to fix the flat. i did not have a jack as it turned out. About this time (10:45 or so) a car had pulled into the parking lot and a couple got out of their car to start into church for the 11:00 service. The gentleman spoke to Carrie for a minute and then his wife noticed that i had a nail in the tire. Well instead of going into the service they helped me fix the flat which involved the man having to drive home to get a repair kit and a pump. You may be wondering why i am sharing this story here but i can not think of a better way to tell you the kind of people who worship at Lighthouse Community Church. It was proven to me today that people who practice true Christianity WILL leave the altar to help a person in need before returning to the altar even if it makes them late for service. THIS IS THE LIGHTHOUSE COMMUNITY. i truly am blessed to have found this church and the people who come here. Thank You!!!!

Name: A R***
Date: 2018-05-27 17:02:08
Rating: 5
Comment: I love the pastor and everyone in this church.The way he preaches the word is very good to learn and understand and you can feel the Lords presence is very powerful and strong here. It reminds me of the church I use to go to In South Beach when I was living there Calvary Chapel, it focuses on the scriptures of the Bible. May god keep blessing this Church.

Name: J*** A****** M*****
Date: 2018-05-06 15:23:55
Rating: 5
Comment: Great church

Name: J***** P********
Date: 2018-04-22 14:36:14
Rating: 5
Comment: Jesus Christ LIVES!

Name: R***** S*****
Date: 2018-03-22 13:51:54
Rating: 5
Comment: A beautiful place to worship where EVERYONE is accepted.

Name: K****** M*******
Date: 2017-09-27 15:09:20
Rating: 5
Comment: All the people there are so friendly.The Pastors are wonderful always have a very meaningful service God Bless All of them.

Name: M****** H****
Date: 2017-07-30 16:12:57
Rating: 5
Comment: LightHouse Church is for the community.. Fun and loving.

Name: V****** S*******
Date: 2017-06-05 11:44:37
Rating: 5
Comment: My husband and I love Lighthouse church. This is not a church where you feel judged or persecuted by others. You are accepted as you are. The word of God is taught differently here. Easy to understand and made interesting.The pastors actually take the time to get to know you, rather than just being a familiar face. We were brought to Lighthouse due to a friends funeral, such a sad and tragic event lead us home to God, we were saved! There is always a blessing in the events that take place in our lives.

Name: H*** H******
Date: 2017-03-12 13:28:29
Rating: 5
Comment: The Gospel is preached here without a show.. Amen to Jesus Christ.. Which is fully preached.

Name: N*** H*****
Date: 2017-01-28 14:27:21
Rating: 5
Comment: I love the pastors and everyone in this church. The Lords presence is very powerful and strong here, everyone is amazing 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍😇😇both of our children love to come and praise the Lord

Name: E** G****
Date: 2016-03-07 17:22:45
Rating: 5
Comment: I be going there for 4 years I love everyone in that church

Name: M*** S****
Date: 2015-10-18 18:24:53
Rating: 5
Comment: Amazing Pastors Amazing fellowship

Name: F**** E******
Date: 2015-09-06 21:23:02
Rating: 5
Comment: Clean friendly warm convienent great location