Overflow Church

category: Christian church
address: 4929 Bell Shoals Rd, Valrico, FL 33596, United States
Phone: +1 813-661-2273
Wednesday7 AM–8:30 PM
Sunday10 AM–12 PM

site: http://www.myoverflowchurch.com/
rayting: 4.8
services: Accessibility: Wheelchair-accessible car park, Wheelchair-accessible entrance,

Name: T***** �***** A*******
Date: 2023-07-10 23:46:18
Rating: 5
Comment: I GO TO THE YOUTH WEDNESDAY NIGHTS IT IS SO MUCH FUN the pictures of an event they have every year 😊

Name: M*** B****
Date: 2023-06-18 19:22:41
Rating: 5
Comment: My home church of a wonderful community of believers!

Name: M*** C******
Date: 2023-03-05 23:47:01
Rating: 5
Comment: Pastor chris is a great pator n has are married very thankful
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Name: L*** P******
Date: 2022-04-16 19:17:59
Rating: 5
Comment: Loved it was a wonderful experience!

Name: B****** t*******
Date: 2021-08-15 18:28:00
Rating: 5
Comment: Everyone is friendly and makes you feel welcomed. Surely the Holy Spirit was present during praise and worship!

Name: A***** D****
Date: 2021-01-16 18:38:51
Rating: 5
Comment: Overflow was my home church for roughly three months before I moved out of state. It is no overstatement to say that they helped make those the best three months of my life. Many churches love Jesus and their community, but Overflow has something special. It feels like the people are walking with the full spirit of God in them, you can see it and feel it in their smiles, their conversations, the way they are willing to give so much of their time for you. If Christians were wrong about the afterlife, Overflow would still be a place worth going. It doesnt feel like their goals is just preaching a message to send us to Heaven after death, but living in a manner that spreads what Heaven might feel like here, on earth.

Name: N*** f******* T*****
Date: 2021-01-15 05:13:00
Rating: 5
Comment: Truly an amazing family that loves Jesus and loves people, and God is using right now in love, and power, and good works. The closest thing Ive seen to a New Testament church. The staff are all extremely focused on glorifying God, expositing His word faithfully, and raising a hallelujah through worship and the arts. Overflow Church is a special place, and everyone there is overflowing with joy and love.

Name: J**** H*****
Date: 2020-10-25 21:30:25
Rating: 5
Comment: A part of the body of Christ that overflows with His Spirit. (Pun intended) Lovely people that live people.

Name: T**** H****
Date: 2020-10-11 15:03:09
Rating: 5
Comment: Awesome

Name: K****** R****
Date: 2019-03-04 15:46:59
Rating: 5
Comment: This church is awesome! Ive been going for a few years now. The pastors preach things that are applicable to everyday life, and the youth group pulls the best out of the middle schoolers and high schoolers. This church has real people who arent afraid to not be perfect. Its a very humbling and comforting place to be.

Name: C**** A*******
Date: 2019-03-02 23:53:06
Rating: 5
Comment: Overflow Church has been my church home for more than 20 years! I have walked out my identity and calling here. A wonderful Spriit filled church Family with genuine lovers of God and one another. Dynamic worship and preaching. Come and experience for yourself!

Name: E*** A*****
Date: 2019-03-02 19:52:26
Rating: 5
Comment: Overflow Church is a safe place to grow in the Lord. Our family has made lasting and deep relationships and we have been loved well by the people here.

Name: T** C****** C******
Date: 2019-03-02 15:00:46
Rating: 5
Comment: The worship is amazing! I love it here. Everyone is so kind and friendly. My relationship with God has grown so much since I’ve been here. The youth program is wonderful, and I have made so many friends. The service is great, and it really speaks to me. It is the best church that I have ever been to.

Name: A*** C*****
Date: 2019-03-01 18:18:20
Rating: 5
Comment: I have been going to this church my whole life. Overflow church is one of the most fun, welcoming, spirit filled and led churches Ive ever been to. If youre looking for a place of acceptance, fun, and family, this is the place to be!

Name: K******* T********
Date: 2019-03-01 17:44:24
Rating: 5
Comment: This church is such an amazing family of believers. I have been attending since childhood and have never found anything like the community found here. Through good times and bad, I’ve been encouraged, mentored, led well, loved well, and supported. I’ve served in many ministries here and also been served by many ministries here. The preaching is amazing and all the pastors are just incredible. Also, the worship rocks. This church is unlike any you’ll ever find. The level of creativity of everyone in this church is unmatched. It’s just such an amazing place. Five stars just isn’t enough.

Name: C**** A*****
Date: 2019-03-01 16:59:29
Rating: 5
Comment: This church has been HOME to my family: some of the most gracious, loving, real, passionate and hope-filled people we have ever had the opportunity to meet. Our whole family -- adults, kids, and youth have been transformed here!