St Thomas More Catholic Church Boynton

category: Catholic church
address: 10935 S Military Trl, Boynton Beach, FL 33436, United States
Phone: +1 561-737-3095
Monday8:30 AM–5:30 PM
Tuesday8:30 AM–5:30 PM
Wednesday8:30 AM–5:30 PM
Thursday8:30 AM–5:30 PM
Friday8:30 AM–5:30 PM
Saturday8:30 AM–4 PM
Sunday8 AM–3:30 PM

rayting: 4.7
services: Accessibility: Wheelchair-accessible car park, Wheelchair-accessible entrance,

Name: V****** W****
Date: 2024-02-14 21:49:16
Rating: 5
Comment: Beautiful and welcoming church!

Name: S**** F****** G**
Date: 2024-01-31 15:11:19
Rating: 5
Comment: Had a very BIG problem with the women who formerly ran the office. I wont get into it, as they saw that she was on some weird power trip and removed her from the job.Theyre doing great works, raising some large amounts of money, which ALL goes into doing great charitable works throughout Palm Beach county, including supporting financially struggling parishes in the county.The pastor Fr. Harris, and the priest, Fr. Vargas, are both warm and welcoming, as are the fellow parishioners.The majestic Church is set on several acres of gorgeous meditation gardens and shrines.You can light candles and feed the ducks, in a natural setting in which you cannot help but feel an even closer connection with the Lord.If youre looking for a welcoming parish and want to be a part of something special, I recommend heading over to Saint Thomas More this Sunday.

Name: T** R
Date: 2024-01-07 21:00:37
Rating: 5
Comment: Love everything they stand for. Pastor Harris is wonderful.
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Name: O*** D*****
Date: 2023-12-21 18:04:06
Rating: 5
Comment: The church is really beautiful and the people are very welcoming. 🙏

Name: C***** A**** E******
Date: 2023-09-27 14:41:25
Rating: 4
Comment: Good

Name: J*** M****
Date: 2023-09-04 23:08:10
Rating: 5
Comment: Great church for spanish mass and private prayers out doors.

Name: M****** S******
Date: 2023-08-23 17:35:07
Rating: 5
Comment: It’s a beautiful church

Name: G**** M****
Date: 2023-08-19 21:41:53
Rating: 5
Comment: My family and I are long time parishioners. My grandchildren have received all their sacraments at STM, we participate in Faith Formation, attend special events. We love our priests, the choir is superb and everyone in the office and gift shop is gracious and helpful. We love STM. It’s a beautiful and holy setting for prayer and worship.

Name: B**** C*********
Date: 2023-08-08 12:38:00
Rating: 5
Comment: Always with God.

Name: L*** P******
Date: 2023-08-07 16:03:41
Rating: 5
Comment: Beautiful ❤️

Name: E*** B*******
Date: 2023-07-30 17:30:14
Rating: 5
Comment: Im not one to write any reviews but i felt this was a deserving one. I am a parishioner of St Thomas More church for about 9 months now since im new in town and i was really happy when i got a phone call and a beautiful blessing on my birthday from the staff and to top it off when i went to mass this Sunday 7/30/23 Father Bourda invited everyone up who had a July birthday and gave us all a blessing along with a mariachi happy birthday song on the big screens. It was a nice touch to be able to recognize individuals on their special days. Thanks again St Thomas More, you earned this review. Keep it up. Cheers and Godbless.Lorenzo Barrasso

Name: M******* M*******
Date: 2023-07-24 14:58:16
Rating: 5
Comment: It is a very good church, theyre very polite like it was very helpful.everyone should visit the house of God.they have a great pastor.l like pastor Aries.

Name: s*** d***
Date: 2023-07-23 14:54:37
Rating: 5
Comment: Most amazing church, very warm, feels God in every part of your body, peaceful, I love everything about this church.

Name: a***** S****
Date: 2023-05-18 20:10:30
Rating: 5
Comment: Love love, great pastors . Always give a wonderful sermon from the heart.

Name: F******
Date: 2023-05-17 13:57:51
Rating: 5
Comment: Great.

Name: M**** T*****
Date: 2023-05-16 13:19:48
Rating: 5
Comment: I’ve been going to St. Thomas More for more than 2 years now. Fr. Vargas and Fr. Marvin Borda are amazing on inspiring parishioners! Thank you so much for your service!!

Name: C******** G*****
Date: 2023-05-14 23:11:40
Rating: 5
Comment: A very nice church! Peaceful and beautiful church to attend holy mass with the family. The ambiance inside and outside is great! We also the people and the priests.

Name: J*** C*****
Date: 2023-04-10 15:10:28
Rating: 5
Comment: Beautiful church went there with my family for Easter

Name: C****** H*****
Date: 2023-04-10 09:59:26
Rating: 5
Comment: Father Harris nails it again.Love going there.

Name: V******* S*********
Date: 2023-04-09 16:09:30
Rating: 5
Comment: Great church. Fr Harris and Fr Vargas are very welcoming.The best spiritual experience.

Name: Y*** C****
Date: 2023-04-09 03:59:02
Rating: 5
Comment: Represents a House of God, with open arms ❤️🙏

Name: e******** c****
Date: 2023-04-07 05:41:18
Rating: 5
Comment: First time I went there and I thought the mass was so beautiful I go again the mass in Spanish very pleasant to understand it in our language

Name: f******** o*******
Date: 2023-03-19 20:28:49
Rating: 5
Comment: Very nice and clean interior and exterior. Spiritual place

Name: G***** R**** (********
Date: 2023-03-08 00:02:00
Rating: 5

Name: M******** B*******
Date: 2023-02-26 19:32:53
Rating: 5
Comment: Service was excellent everyone was kind

Name: S******** F****
Date: 2023-02-11 02:12:44
Rating: 5
Comment: Most magical and spiritual church. Father Harris and Father Vargas truly give you the most amazing feeling and connection to God.

Name: G******** G*******
Date: 2023-01-31 05:08:55
Rating: 5
Comment: I do not even reside in the town St Thomas More is located in; however I am a Parishioner. The service here is always beautiful. The true words sang beautifully by the choir capture a moment of faith some people are looking for. The Catholic Church (Vatican) has indefinitely lost the respect and love it deserves; hence less believers . But, the Parishioners of St. Thomas More are welcoming and kind .Look, if you want to feel embraced, I suggest attending a Mass. if YOU decide to go, arrive early to enjoy the wonderful statues, scenery and gift shop .

Name: A** M******
Date: 2023-01-17 03:10:31
Rating: 5
Comment: Beautiful church, music and choir. Has the feel of churches I attended when I was younger. Old fashioned feel...with very updated touches. The grounds were beautiful and so much to see. Will definitely return.

Name: G****** O*****
Date: 2023-01-02 05:18:19
Rating: 5
Comment: Love to worship with my family in this church.Very spiritually uplifting.

Name: M***** I***
Date: 2022-12-15 12:01:18
Rating: 5
Comment: Our Father God is the only way to heaven! Love one another, be humble, treat others as you like to be treated. Be patient 🙏 and wait for his justice.

Name: I***** C******
Date: 2022-11-18 16:26:40
Rating: 5
Comment: Omg I love it this catholic church inside and outsideFor Christmas time the decorations are amazing and the mass for December 24 is wonderfulHighly recommend

Name: J** n C******
Date: 2022-10-23 09:34:09
Rating: 5
Comment: Wonderful church and great priests

Name: N******** W****
Date: 2022-10-02 18:25:52
Rating: 5
Comment: Family atmosphere, a sense of community and there is always something new to look forward to.

Name: D**** R********
Date: 2022-09-02 20:46:33
Rating: 4
Comment: Nice community of Catholic people. Only thing did not like was pushing of spending money in gift shop and such.

Name: V****** A*******
Date: 2022-08-11 21:39:04
Rating: 5
Comment: Thanks God for this Church.We love our Priest.Father Harris,and Father Vargas.

Name: J S
Date: 2022-08-01 00:23:25
Rating: 5
Comment: Beautiful church and grounds. Gift shop has a lot of selections. Gift shop staff very kind and caring.

Name: A**** L R***************
Date: 2022-07-01 20:57:44
Rating: 5
Comment: Spiritual, calming experience.

Name: g****** d********
Date: 2022-06-28 15:11:00
Rating: 5
Comment: Its so serene, and peaceful its really a blessed place to be. 🙏🙏🙏

Name: M****** A*******
Date: 2022-04-28 16:04:31
Rating: 5
Comment: A faith filled Catholic Church more so then any I’ve attended in my lifetime. The priest’s are truly filled with the holy sprit . The grounds and church are beautiful. The Choir is magnificent !

Name: J** I***
Date: 2022-04-07 13:37:05
Rating: 5
Comment: Thank you Rebecca, your voice and music selection were amazing.

Name: M****** S****
Date: 2022-03-25 13:48:36
Rating: 5
Comment: Spiritual

Name: M**** S****
Date: 2022-03-22 00:38:06
Rating: 5
Comment: Same methods blessings, thank you for all the blessings 🙏 🙌

Name: P***** R*******
Date: 2022-03-20 23:12:34
Rating: 5
Comment: Was a very nice service this morning.

Name: G*** B***
Date: 2022-02-27 18:27:09
Rating: 5
Comment: Awesome

Name: j**** y***
Date: 2022-01-22 19:18:46
Rating: 5
Comment: My kids go here for preschool and it is by far the best school we have attended. Clean, professional, and best of and tucked far away from any visible street. My oldest left and is now in the first grade and over accells at her school!!

Name: R***** R*****
Date: 2022-01-14 21:47:22
Rating: 5
Comment: Father Harris gave a beautiful mass for my mothers funeral, which was unexpected. Within 48 hours, the staff at St Thomas made my mothers memorial mass absolutely perfect. Father Harris was extremely attentive and detailed in his sermon. He is one of a kind.... thank you so much for making my mothers mass so perfect. They also recorded it for us to keep, AND live streaming during the mass so that others who couldnt attend were able to participate. Such a nice touch!! Thank you again to all at St Thomas 🙏😇🥰

Name: K******* T*****
Date: 2022-01-08 20:14:44
Rating: 5
Comment: Father Harris and and father Vargas are 2 of the most dynamic people I have ever met! My faith has never been stronger

Name: J******* A*******
Date: 2021-12-08 01:22:38
Rating: 5

Name: A***** M****
Date: 2021-07-26 03:24:52
Rating: 5
Comment: Is a very special place, where I can pray peaceful, and see nature at the same time...The Santamaria, Virgen i love it

Name: K**** M****
Date: 2021-07-18 23:05:30
Rating: 4
Comment: Beautiful, love this church. Love your pastor Harris

Name: W***** I*****************
Date: 2021-07-18 13:28:57
Rating: 5
Comment: Excellent, I like it, very cozy.

Name: J***** B*****
Date: 2021-06-20 16:08:51
Rating: 5
Comment: Wonderful church in every way.

Name: T** A*******
Date: 2021-06-03 18:18:39
Rating: 5
Comment: Great catholic church and the music is amazing.

Name: c******** r*****
Date: 2021-06-02 01:41:31
Rating: 5
Comment: Beautiful Church

Name: M****** D******
Date: 2021-05-31 14:47:45
Rating: 5
Comment: Our daughter recently celebrated her beautiful confirmation. The church looked beautiful. The students were stunning and well prepared. Every detail was tended to, and it went so smoothly. Precautions were taken to keep families safe and comfortable during the pandemic.Thank you to the volunteer teachers and church staff for all of your hard work and effort to make this so special for the students and their families.

Name: F******** G
Date: 2021-05-23 15:01:56
Rating: 5
Comment: Beautiful!

Name: R*** M**** W******
Date: 2021-04-27 21:57:32
Rating: 5
Comment: Beautiful church, Ive been doing the live stream. Pastor and Preist are wonderful caring. I love being a part of St. Thomas More when Im here in Florida. Even when Im home in NY I watch the Mass also. 🙏♥️

Name: E** G*******
Date: 2021-04-24 02:23:22
Rating: 5
Comment: Is Really nice churc🙏🏻 and I’m feeling in peace , They are a lot nice people .

Name: M***
Date: 2021-04-11 01:47:22
Rating: 5
Comment: Wonderful, heartwarming Easter Celebration. Absolutely beautiful church and outrageously well developed grounds of statues, special memorials, as well as an aviary. You gotta see it!!! Gift shop staff and products are worth the time to visit. Many, many features very well displayed and cared for.

Name: b** m******
Date: 2021-04-10 23:00:59
Rating: 4
Comment: Fr Saviaia thank you for making it feel like a Church again and not a fund raiser like your colleagues are accustomed to doing so

Name: C**** N*******
Date: 2021-04-04 19:56:20
Rating: 5
Comment: My blessed house of worship 🙏❤✝️

Name: B***** C******
Date: 2021-04-02 20:23:29
Rating: 5
Comment: Great church

Name: L**** C******
Date: 2021-03-25 13:42:15
Rating: 5
Comment: So beautiful. The Father was a kind and pleasant man. Good humor to boot! Please check it out

Name: C******** R*****
Date: 2021-03-17 01:04:58
Rating: 5
Comment: Beautiful Church!!!

Name: l**** r******
Date: 2021-03-16 21:25:43
Rating: 5
Comment: Its home

Name: R****** R****
Date: 2021-03-15 14:43:19
Rating: 5
Comment: Wonderful church and priests.,

Name: M*** i* V*** N** A**** H***
Date: 2021-02-21 04:48:10
Rating: 5
Comment: (Monday though Friday Daily Mass)8:30 AM5:30 PM(Saturday Morning & Evening Mass)04:00 PM07:15 PM (Spanish)(Sunday English Mass)07:00 AM08:30 AM10:30 AM12:30 AM

Name: E** D* G*******
Date: 2021-02-17 21:00:39
Rating: 5
Comment: I feel great every time I go to this church ,after visiting several churches in the area when I move here I feel good so far.

Name: L** H********
Date: 2020-12-22 23:58:39
Rating: 5
Comment: Super excellent!!!!

Name: M**** t*****
Date: 2020-11-01 13:34:55
Rating: 5
Comment: The most beautiful church we have seen.Father Harris and father Alex ,my husband Vittorio R.I.P. enjoyed their presence going on tours with the church,thank you Maria 🙏

Name: C***** D*****
Date: 2020-08-16 21:29:17
Rating: 5
Comment: Very safe place to worship.

Name: R*** A****
Date: 2020-08-03 18:27:44
Rating: 5
Comment: Warm, friendly and pastor who gives great message

Name: B***** j****
Date: 2020-07-26 14:18:44
Rating: 5
Comment: My chirchis awesome

Name: D********* M**
Date: 2020-07-18 18:24:00
Rating: 5
Comment: I favorite place to worship. Met my wife here!!!

Name: H******* C
Date: 2020-07-02 17:00:03
Rating: 5
Comment: God always have all stars

Name: O**** E**** J**
Date: 2020-06-15 01:42:28
Rating: 5
Comment: Enjoyed the wonderful homily given by Rev Harris

Name: M*** L******
Date: 2020-06-08 13:31:42
Rating: 5
Comment: I know someone thats a member & they love it

Name: J*** C**********
Date: 2020-06-07 16:23:09
Rating: 5
Comment: Finally, I can identify with the clergy of a church and the Mass as they present it. Please continue the good work.

Name: M***** E R*****
Date: 2020-05-26 15:09:34
Rating: 5
Comment: Pastor Harris & Pastor Vargas have been there for us during this unfortunate situation, they never stopped blessing us. We are so fortunate and blessed that even though the church was closed we was still receiving the most precious body of our Lord and stayed in the grounds of his home while worshiping in his mighty name.We Love and adore every thing about St Thomas More.May God continue to bless all who serve in this Holy precious church, In Jesus name, Amen!!🙏🏼

Name: T**** M**
Date: 2020-05-04 15:23:39
Rating: 5
Comment: Fr HARRIS is awesome 👏 Down to earth and always delivers a good Homily ! Fr Vargas is most uplifting , kind warm hearted and also very approachable ! Two wonderful Priests happily serving ! You can feel their joy of celebrating the Mass and how enthusiastically they communicate with parishioners ‼️👍💕

Name: F**** A*****
Date: 2020-04-28 00:34:35
Rating: 5
Comment: Great church to belong to .

Name: C**** W*****
Date: 2020-03-17 18:56:26
Rating: 5
Comment: Excellent church we went there for Ash Wednesday I walked up and and the priest gave it to me because Im handicapped first and give it to me immediately people stepped out of the way whos the wonderful wonderful gestures

Name: J***** R***
Date: 2020-03-10 22:43:00
Rating: 5
Comment: Wonderful community for all. Many different groups to fit your needs. Extensive online information about mass schedules and parish activities. Also live radio broadcasts on Tuesday and Friday. Sunday sermons are also online.

Name: J*****
Date: 2020-03-07 05:40:35
Rating: 5
Comment: Saint Thomas More is a fantastic church. We moved from Coral Springs and my fiance (now wife) and I needed to find a new church. We began shopping churches and Saint Thomas More was the first one we checked out. We met Father Harris and were so impressed we didnt look at another church after.We decided after a few weeks that this was the church for us and that we wanted Father Harris to marry us.Our wedding was this past week and we have been part of the parish for a year and a half now. Gabriela Salas did a fantastic job stepping in for Dorothy who left suddenly. She was able to coordinate everything and was extremely pleasant and helpful. We were so impressed at how well the church did with our wedding.Father Harris connected with our guests on a level not usually seen. Many guests mentioned that they would attend church more if they had a priest like Father Harris and we agree!I am so proud to be part of the STM Parish and so happy to have had our wedding at a church that feels like a 2nd home. Thank you Saint Thomas More for being there for us. We cannot thank you enough.

Name: s**** s****
Date: 2020-03-05 01:33:52
Rating: 5
Comment: Fr. Julian, little children at Mass, best birthday ever!

Name: b****** w********
Date: 2020-02-04 21:38:46
Rating: 5
Comment: We Love Father Harris and visiting St Thomas More Church 🕊☦️🕊Very friendly inspectional

Name: S**** W*****
Date: 2020-01-31 15:59:30
Rating: 5
Comment: If youre in the area and its Sunday then go

Name: A*** L*****
Date: 2020-01-26 21:26:46
Rating: 5
Comment: Dear lord I miss this place. I had been away from the Church for a long time. After 25 years away I walked in to St. Thomas More and instantly was greeted by warm & friendly faces. The choir & music is uplifting & Pastor Harris & Father Vargas give wonderful & inspiring sermons (Funny too) . Some of the parishioners who work at the church can be real jerks, still my experience with this Church was 99% positive. I had to relocate unfortunately & compared to St. Thomas More my current place of worship looks like it runs in slow motion

Name: F**** C*****
Date: 2020-01-21 13:27:34
Rating: 5
Comment: I found here true Christian spirit and love.The priests here are also rich in the beauty of our Catholic history .The mass is celebrated with true reverence and love of Our Lord.

Name: M V
Date: 2020-01-16 07:33:51
Rating: 5
Comment: Great church!

Name: A****** D******
Date: 2020-01-15 01:23:15
Rating: 5
Comment: Beautiful church, amazing choir. Wonderful charismatic and inspiring priests. Great community spirit.

Name: S*** K*******
Date: 2020-01-07 17:26:53
Rating: 5
Comment: My kids love this place and teachers

Name: M***** R*****
Date: 2019-12-28 00:37:30
Rating: 5
Comment: Beautiful church and mass was beautiful.

Name: E**** E****
Date: 2019-12-25 03:13:08
Rating: 4
Comment: Warm and welcoming community..very active parish.

Name: P****** C********
Date: 2019-12-23 21:54:40
Rating: 5
Comment: Easter Sunday the priest made sure me and my friend took an empty seat in the front of the church. I thought that was kind and thoughtful

Name: R***** B****
Date: 2019-12-15 12:52:08
Rating: 5
Comment: A Beautiful Church!Amazing Christmas Mass here.God bless!

Name: C***** E****** V********* R***
Date: 2019-12-03 10:21:55
Rating: 4
Comment: Beautiful catholic church

Name: D* M**
Date: 2019-11-20 02:20:28
Rating: 5
Comment: Beautiful. Serene. Peaceful. Love our parish!

Name: T**** V*******
Date: 2019-11-18 21:58:57
Rating: 5
Comment: If you are truly a devoted Catholic and want a good spiritual experience and have your faith tested to the max in a good service by a great pastor this is a place I would highly consider to anybody who practice this religion and would like to get a great experience at a nice place where its very professional and well put together thank you for allowing me to leave this review God and thank you for reading my review Church

Name: L** P*****
Date: 2019-11-03 00:40:43
Rating: 5
Comment: St. Thomas More Church

Name: D**** S***************
Date: 2019-10-29 13:10:03
Rating: 5
Comment: A great Palm Sunday!

Name: A***** S****
Date: 2019-10-27 20:51:17
Rating: 5
Comment: Loving church community

Name: R**** F******
Date: 2019-09-25 23:49:51
Rating: 5
Comment: The best

Name: K****** R
Date: 2019-09-21 18:06:07
Rating: 4
Comment: We visit to light memorial candles in the grotto. Its peacefu.

Name: A*** K******
Date: 2019-08-25 22:47:02
Rating: 5
Comment: Great service and on radio

Name: F******* e** B*** A**** T*****
Date: 2019-08-04 00:50:45
Rating: 5
Comment: Why do I come to the holy mass to thank our God and pray so that He can measure my healing and to thank Him for everything that my God measures day by day 🙏🙏

Name: M******* H*******
Date: 2019-07-18 13:46:11
Rating: 5
Comment: Went to the grotto to say a prayer when my dad died &gave me peace Such a beautiful church &grounds .theres a padre pio statue there as well

Name: V****
Date: 2019-06-23 22:46:22
Rating: 5
Comment: Perfect place!

Name: M******** F****
Date: 2019-06-02 01:19:38
Rating: 5
Comment: Where to find peace and the preaching is awesome

Name: J** R********
Date: 2019-06-01 11:11:58
Rating: 5
Comment: Cant say enough about this Parrish. Beautiful church building and even more on the grounds. The priest are wonderful and amusing they make you want to go back.

Name: J***** W*****
Date: 2019-05-28 23:05:02
Rating: 5
Comment: A wonderful place for to worship

Name: B****** M****
Date: 2019-05-27 19:51:48
Rating: 5
Comment: My Church....Priests are wonderful......they are so involved in the Church....Always there for you...

Name: D P******
Date: 2019-05-26 17:08:15
Rating: 5
Comment: Went to a funeral there. The seating outside was perfect for everyone there.The priest was wonderful with a great sense of humor.

Name: B** A*****
Date: 2019-05-05 21:10:46
Rating: 5
Comment: As a North Jersey church person for 40 years, I never really felt part of the church. Living here in Delray my wife told me your going to like these 2 priest. Amen, Father Harris your amazing I feel hes just talking to me- gifted speaker. Father Alex u Make me laugh & listen @ the same time. I really enjoy going to church for the first time. They are the best!

Name: L****** B*****
Date: 2019-05-04 19:56:27
Rating: 5
Comment: New to going to this church!

Name: M****** C*****
Date: 2019-04-15 05:51:33
Rating: 5
Comment: Faith Hope CharityJohn:4:20Family Forever

Name: C**** Q*******
Date: 2019-04-13 17:14:54
Rating: 5
Comment: Fish Fry Friday’s is great here. They offer very generous portions for $11

Name: G* M****** A******
Date: 2019-03-31 14:33:55
Rating: 5
Comment: The faith is strong here at St. Thomas Moore. Fr. Harris and Fr. Vargas are absolutely tapped into a devinty that I am honored to be inspired by. 🙏💒🙏

Name: P*** B********
Date: 2019-03-31 11:05:20
Rating: 5
Comment: Amazing Catholic Church. Great sermons. All the priests are wonderful.

Name: R***** T*****
Date: 2019-03-10 15:29:18
Rating: 5
Comment: Excellent Catholic Church for worship

Name: S***** G*********
Date: 2019-03-06 15:01:30
Rating: 5
Comment: Great church, great services to bring your family

Name: J*** G
Date: 2019-03-06 13:05:37
Rating: 5
Comment: Very friendly people

Name: M******* E******
Date: 2019-02-24 19:48:03
Rating: 5
Comment: Beautiful! Cannot explain the peace I feel there.

Name: D**** C* S****
Date: 2019-02-22 22:12:37
Rating: 5
Comment: Father Harris and Father Vargas are fantastic.

Name: R****** S*******
Date: 2019-02-10 20:34:58
Rating: 4
Comment: Truly a beautiful church. Went to a funeral there and the father was fantastic. Great sense of humor and very thoughtful.

Name: A** S*******
Date: 2019-01-24 00:56:31
Rating: 5
Comment: Very friendly and informed us very well.

Name: M****** S*****
Date: 2019-01-14 22:10:19
Rating: 5
Comment: Beautiful Peaceful R.C. Church with a Variety of Entertaining Events

Name: D***** O*********
Date: 2019-01-07 23:57:10
Rating: 5
Comment: Love St Thomas Moore church.. especially Father Vargas

Name: I***** Z**
Date: 2019-01-07 20:02:09
Rating: 5
Comment: Beautiful place, and beautiful people

Name: L**** B***
Date: 2018-12-30 15:41:14
Rating: 5
Comment: This parish has a strong community. The choir and band are glorious.

Name: B**** H**********
Date: 2018-12-26 18:17:52
Rating: 5
Comment: What can you say, its the house of God.

Name: M**** L***
Date: 2018-12-23 15:35:42
Rating: 5
Comment: Its my church home. I love it.

Name: A*** A******
Date: 2018-12-13 03:41:06
Rating: 5
Comment: They take very good care of the liturgy...

Name: L**** C****
Date: 2018-12-11 15:49:35
Rating: 5
Comment: Super Beautiful Church. The Outside Grounds Are Beautiful ⛪

Name: J**** R*******
Date: 2018-12-08 19:59:57
Rating: 5
Comment: Beautiful grounds and great priests

Name: E*** E******
Date: 2018-12-06 21:29:08
Rating: 5
Comment: Best mass

Name: D***** T*****
Date: 2018-12-05 14:30:42
Rating: 5
Comment: If there were a 100 stars, it would not be enough to describe this Parish or the Priests or staff. I have attended this church for 31 years and have visited others as a guest, and unfortunately they can not hold a candle to Father Harris or Father Vargass services.

Name: C********** A****
Date: 2018-10-07 19:02:51
Rating: 4
Comment: Updated October 2018:This church seems to get it right in most areas. Father Julian is an excellent speaker; his homilies are forceful, impassioned calls to action, and are often affirmed by those assembled for mass with applause and amens. The style sounds Baptist, but the underlying theology is Catholic.Father Vargas is also a great homilist, and engages the assembly artfully. Good use of humor.The layout of the church itself is semi-circular, which minimizes the average distance between a given parishioner and the altar. The decorations and adornments are beautiful, especially for Christmas.Beautiful music. Excellent use of audio visual technology, including two large screens adjacent to the front sanctuary. Informative, extensive website.My one piece of constructive criticism is that I dont like how the two monitors may display live video of people in the assembly praying during communion. Its possible that all of them are people that the audio/visual person knows, and they gave their consent to be recorded. I just found it distracting, because I was paranoid that the camera would land on my family and I while we are engaged in the intimate act of communion with God.

Name: P**** C*****
Date: 2018-08-07 20:36:13
Rating: 5
Comment: Great place

Name: M******* P*******
Date: 2018-07-28 19:07:15
Rating: 5
Comment: I go to this church all the time with my grandma!!!!

Name: H*** W*********
Date: 2018-06-12 14:33:07
Rating: 4
Comment: Im not Catholic or a practising Christian but I got a lot out of the service here for a couple workers wifes funeral. I cant remember the priests name but his message and sermon were thoughtful and spiritual.

Name: A** T*** A** (*** C************
Date: 2018-06-01 15:23:36
Rating: 5
Comment: Best church with the best priests you could ask for in a catholic church

Name: P**** A*******
Date: 2018-04-29 11:05:57
Rating: 5
Comment: Great Church of God. Inspirational.

Name: H****** L*** & F******
Date: 2018-04-23 13:35:06
Rating: 5
Comment: We love our new home! Great experience. God bless.

Name: g****** s*******
Date: 2018-03-31 10:41:58
Rating: 5
Comment: What else! Whoever gives thanks to God will receive Eternal fortune. Thank you Lord, Jesus for these Spiritual guides...

Name: E*** J*****
Date: 2018-03-26 10:42:22
Rating: 5
Comment: Great staffs and a beautiful church

Name: M****** F*********
Date: 2018-03-23 12:43:16
Rating: 5
Comment: Makes me feel at home!

Name: O*** I R*****
Date: 2018-03-11 04:39:02
Rating: 5
Comment: Love St. Thomas More. Ive been attending Mass here since I moved to Delray Beach about 6 years . All it took was I visit one Mass to keep me coming back. Im always telling my family and friends near and far how much I enjoy St. Thomas More. Especially the music. Pastor Harris is my favorite, Fa. Vargas is amazing. Thank you for all you do. Beautiful parish amazing people. Im blessed.

Name: S****** R****
Date: 2018-02-25 17:41:42
Rating: 5
Comment: I love my church i sing and it really is a wonderful church

Name: M**** L***
Date: 2017-12-31 20:52:56
Rating: 5
Comment: My church I knew I was home the first day I stepped in. Priest are the best I have experienced and realty of life is present. Thank you Lord for providing me a home to worship him in...

Name: B**** J**
Date: 2017-11-26 10:22:18
Rating: 5
Comment: I know when i visit my father church he bring my heart and soul with full forgiveness.The brother and sister always havs a wonderful smile before and after church end the mass and always goes in peace.P.S Paster Harris i want you to know as a child i believe cause my mom and dad every Sunday faithfully all went to church and sat wondering when it was going to be over young kids never or it was not really understand as an adult would do now like me it took me and still till today read part of the Bible but could not understand i felt still i always help people in need at the moment or emg, it was what i love to do never took money put told them to pray over me to give courge to help more people in lord thank you for showing the way and forgive me cause i cannot fully understand why the jews killed you my Lord but one day i will when i seat and hear you my lord tell me god bless aman

Name: C***** M*********
Date: 2017-11-22 05:14:08
Rating: 5
Comment: Went to mass last week and felt so welcomed. The mass said was relevant and meaningful. Arrived 10 minutes early to find the parking lot and inside was packed. The choir sings like voices of angels. There is also live streaming of mass. Many activities to be part of and there is a gift shop.

Name: b*********
Date: 2017-08-14 23:17:14
Rating: 5
Comment: Awesome priests- great community-the high point of my week!

Name: A**** G****
Date: 2017-07-23 18:35:21
Rating: 5
Comment: A very solemn church to reflect.

Name: a******* a****
Date: 2017-06-26 00:35:20
Rating: 5
Comment: Father Harris and father Alex are great leader on st Thomas More parish and the choir is awesome. Every Sunday I look forward to be at mass.

Name: J** D********
Date: 2017-06-11 15:50:23
Rating: 5
Comment: My house of worship every Sunday

Name: K****** B****
Date: 2017-06-07 16:57:16
Rating: 5
Comment: Wonderful

Name: J***** T********
Date: 2017-06-04 10:43:13
Rating: 5
Comment: Like the Church choir is great!!!

Name: R***** W****
Date: 2017-05-07 14:59:40
Rating: 5
Comment: Enjoyed my first visit very much, especially the Pastors sermon. I will be back.

Name: f****** l****
Date: 2017-01-22 18:44:15
Rating: 5
Comment: My first time at this Church - wonderful experience

Name: K******* M*****
Date: 2016-12-08 10:42:54
Rating: 4
Comment: Beautiful ceremony.

Name: L******** O******
Date: 2016-01-03 14:56:42
Rating: 5
Comment: Beautiful place. 1st time visitor and they were very welcoming. Been searching for a church and I think after my visit today I plan on going back to make this a home church. Priest was very good and is very down to earth.Love the feel in the church

Name: S***** M**** E*********
Date: 2015-12-27 00:37:18
Rating: 5
Comment: Beautiful church, amazing choir...the Priests are Loving and Warm. I look forward to go often with my husband.

Name: M**** P******
Date: 2015-11-02 21:38:03
Rating: 5
Comment: The best cores !!! And the priest are amazing. Love them

Name: S*** S********
Date: 2015-07-01 05:38:38
Rating: 5
Comment: You will never meet a Godlier man than Fr. Harris.