The Crossing Church SouthShore

category: Church, Non-denominational church, Place of worship
address: 2409 E College Ave, Ruskin, FL 33570, United States
Phone: +1 813-626-0783
Monday9 AM–4 PM
Thursday9 AM–4 PM
Sunday8 AM–12 PM

rayting: 4.9
services: Accessibility: Wheelchair-accessible car park, Wheelchair-accessible entrance,

Name: D*****
Date: 2024-02-16 10:32:55
Rating: 5
Comment: I started taking my son to the Wednesday night youth group because there are at least 50 kids his age attending. I want him to make friends outside of his online friends. My older daughter and son in law go there. It’s only our first time but the people are friendly and the building is huge. I felt very comfortable there.

Name: a***** b****
Date: 2023-10-08 18:04:19
Rating: 5
Comment: Great church and the men’s program is a must, IRON MAN!!!

Name: S******* H*****
Date: 2023-06-25 12:33:39
Rating: 5
Comment: Great church to fellowship with believers. My husband and I have been attending this church for about a month and a half and he has had a glorious time at the iron men fellowship on Sunday mornings. Thus far everyone has made us feel very welcomed.
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Name: B****** H***
Date: 2023-05-01 02:11:55
Rating: 5
Comment: Hi I’m a 15 year old kid who likes to have fun and also wants to learn more about Jesus And God. The Crossing Church has a youth/teen section that’s really fun and also a very good learning experience. The youth section has games like air hockey, pool table, and ping pong (my favorite). I would 100% recommend this.

Name: M*** D****
Date: 2023-04-15 01:29:37
Rating: 4
Comment: Great for a concert and p watching the preaching on a screen. Their theology has something to be desired but you can find Jesus here.

Name: D*** W*****
Date: 2023-03-11 17:14:39
Rating: 4
Comment: Good message, nice music, friendly folks, I enjoy more boble message and not as much musical performance.

Name: J******* R*****
Date: 2022-11-23 12:52:46
Rating: 5
Comment: What a wonderful welcome! I just moved to the area and used to attend the Tampa campus, I felt completely at “Home” my kids really enjoyed youth service with paster Carlos. The daycare took great care of my granddaughter and she had a blast first time there. I love Paster Hector Rivera’s transparency and heart. Can’t wait for Sunday.

Name: Z*** K******
Date: 2022-07-21 03:23:41
Rating: 5
Comment: I had such a hard time finding a home church after moving a few times, but when i got to crossing i finally felt like i belonged for once. i dont tend to fit into the stereotypical sweet church girl category and most churches and youth groups never fully accepted me because of that. i had a hard time making friends and was often excluded from the kids different cliques. crossing was the first church to make that different. this is the most loving, diverse, supportive, and inclusive church Ive ever attended. Ive made many friends here, from fellow students to leaders. Pastor Carlos is awesome, he puts in so much effort for all the students who attend youth on Wednesdays and Sundays and has impacted so many kids lives because of that. the leaders and pastors here are some of the best people Ive met through church. the environment and atmosphere at the church is, in my opinion, the most ideal for students who just really need an outlet when theyre struggling in school or at home. this church and the people in it have been such a blessing to my life. i cant express how grateful i am that i found this church when i did. thank you crossing! 💞

Name: D**** V******
Date: 2022-04-21 21:42:46
Rating: 5
Comment: Awesome worship.

Name: B**** K****
Date: 2022-04-03 14:17:42
Rating: 5
Comment: I like this church. Close to my house. Sunday services are @ 8:45 am, 10:45am. I wish they would edit their service hours. So, people would know the hours of the service. And any church that has a Saturday service is a plus, because not everyone could come on Sundays... Just a suggestion. Thank you!

Name: A***** S***********
Date: 2022-03-07 14:56:08
Rating: 4
Comment: Friendly, great worship. I personally did not care for a live video of a message from another location. I was not a fan of the lights show on the congregation. Having lights moving around & flashing in my face & eyes was personally not conducive to entering in to the holy if holies. Is a very popular church Im told.

Name: J*** C****
Date: 2022-03-04 22:58:12
Rating: 5
Comment: I love my church!!

Name: L*** F****
Date: 2022-02-01 16:55:09
Rating: 5
Comment: Beautiful church setting. Also, I work at a local elementary school and this church has come together to donate food boxes and coats for our students. So very thankful for their kindness and community partnership. God Bless!

Name: J******* H*****
Date: 2022-01-26 20:21:31
Rating: 5
Comment: We started Reengagement marriage counseling there last night , we had fun and will be back every Tuesday at 7pm Thank you

Name: j*** b****
Date: 2022-01-22 02:30:50
Rating: 5
Comment: This place is my home, seen miracles happen in front of my eyes,warm welcomed, love and compassionate with first time guests, mens ministry (ironmen) marriage counseling ( re-engage) so many other wonderful things to say. If you are looking for a church that you feel like your at the right place and just feel at peace when you walk in then this is the church you been looking for. Dont take my word for it try you just might not want to leave after service. Love you and God bless

Name: M****** B*******
Date: 2021-11-14 17:37:19
Rating: 5
Comment: Worship is amazing, great groups like iron men are amazing for getting deaper into the word. Im glad i am apart of the Crossing family.

Name: B****** a****
Date: 2021-08-22 02:36:44
Rating: 5
Comment: Very nice church, was happy to visit it

Name: A***** P*****
Date: 2021-08-05 21:59:28
Rating: 5
Comment: Very friendly People worship here atmosphere was great and so was worship

Name: v****** s
Date: 2021-06-30 21:56:58
Rating: 5
Comment: Great church family!! Weve been going for a couple weeks now and everyone is so inviting.

Name: J**** S****
Date: 2021-05-31 18:10:18
Rating: 5
Comment: Easy access, very clean and very friendly staff

Name: O**** M****
Date: 2021-04-09 03:47:03
Rating: 5
Comment: Great Church

Name: S**** F*******
Date: 2021-03-01 15:09:53
Rating: 5
Comment: If you want to know God and what He has in-store for you, this is the place

Name: T*** N****
Date: 2021-02-06 03:42:36
Rating: 5
Comment: Awesome Holy Spirit Filled Church!

Name: J*** C*******
Date: 2021-01-31 05:03:30
Rating: 5
Comment: Starting Sunday

Name: A***** L*****
Date: 2020-10-18 20:34:17
Rating: 5
Comment: Wonderful church! This was our first time visiting and we loved it! The band played music that was upbeat and fresh, not the choir and piano stuff I grew up with in the Baptist church. One of the songs they sang I have in my iPhone music library so I was able to sing along. The church attire and atmosphere is relaxed and comfortable. I appreciate that I’m there to hear God’s message and it doesn’t matter what I’m wearing. The normal pastor was out due to surgery, but the one we were honored to hear was pastor Hector. He gave an awesome and relatable message. The 10:30am service time was perfect for us. Everyone that greeted us were very nice and welcoming. The registration for the kids was quick. They have a security process to ensure that your elementary child doesn’t leave with someone else. My eight year old said he had fun. My shy, fifteen year old didn’t have much to say about our new experience. We will definitely be back.

Name: L*** B*******
Date: 2020-03-10 20:25:28
Rating: 5
Comment: My Fiancé and I moved to Apollo Beach 3 1/2 years ago. We attended Crossings church for the first time in June of 2019 and are still attending the SS campus and we also attend first Wednesday at our Tampa campus. I consider this church my new family and have given my life to Christ.#wearecrossings!

Name: J H
Date: 2020-03-07 20:19:48
Rating: 5
Comment: We love our new church. We moved to Florida in Dec and visited Southshore Campus several times and knew this was the Church for us. The Praise is anointed and Preaching of the Word is relevant and practical. God bless.

Name: m****** h****
Date: 2019-11-05 23:52:22
Rating: 5
Comment: This is a very special church that cares. If you are in need of comfort, spiritual healing, and a church to feel welcome, stop on by.

Name: B**** B*****
Date: 2019-11-05 00:07:26
Rating: 5
Comment: A wonderful church and a great community! I love Pastor Hector and all of my Iron Men brothers!!!

Name: Q************* A**********
Date: 2019-09-08 14:11:25
Rating: 5
Comment: Pastor Hector is an AMAZING man!

Name: A V
Date: 2019-08-30 18:13:16
Rating: 5
Comment: I love this church!! #WeAreCrossing ♥️

Name: D**** K**********
Date: 2019-08-18 15:14:49
Rating: 5
Comment: Great place to go to church. People are very welcoming and friendly. They have two services on Sundays. I would definitely recommend coming here for services.

Name: j******* g********
Date: 2019-05-28 17:23:49
Rating: 5
Comment: I love the crossing church,, Pastor Hector is a really good Pastor,,

Name: M****** M********
Date: 2019-04-21 13:36:54
Rating: 5
Comment: I love this church, if you want to change your life, this is the place for you! Our new building is amazing!!!

Name: S**** C**** (*** C*******
Date: 2019-04-21 12:57:24
Rating: 5
Comment: New campus. New day. Happy Easter.!.

Name: O**** F******* B****
Date: 2019-04-08 13:31:12
Rating: 5
Comment: One of the best worship service, you can really feel the Holy Spirit move in this congregation. I recommend this church to anyone who is looking for true worship!

Name: T***** B******
Date: 2019-02-03 15:58:26
Rating: 5
Comment: Feel the Love, and God in this place. Great place to worship!! ✝️❤️

Name: J*** T*****
Date: 2018-07-22 05:04:00
Rating: 5
Comment: Great service . The message is always right on. The worship team sound awesome.

Name: D*** G******
Date: 2018-07-07 21:11:01
Rating: 5
Comment: This is the most relevant, inspirational and exciting church for men, women and children! I highly recommend it! My life is way more enriched not just when Im there but also when Im not.

Name: J***** R********
Date: 2018-06-06 19:49:42
Rating: 5
Comment: I come here;)

Name: D*** H****
Date: 2018-02-17 04:13:46
Rating: 5
Comment: Wonderful non-denomination church. Everyone is friendly and polite. I am a member for seven and a half years. Love Lead Pastor Greg Dumas

Name: J*** L****
Date: 2018-02-10 22:20:47
Rating: 5
Comment: Its the real thing, you must believe!!!

Name: H****** D***
Date: 2018-02-09 01:36:11
Rating: 5
Comment: My husband and I purchased our house nearby so that we could live in close proximity to our church family. We have lived here 3 years and never have a second thought about our choice. Incredible services and amazing people that foster community in an open and loving atmosphere. Come try it! We’d love to meet you and hear what God is doing in your life!

Name: C******** M****
Date: 2018-01-07 17:57:34
Rating: 5
Comment: Felt very comfortable as a first timer, they didnt put me on the spot and it was a great service. We will definitely be going back next Sunday ❤

Name: A**** M*******
Date: 2017-12-10 13:04:25
Rating: 5
Comment: Pastor Hector is da bomb!!! He is a true accessed to the church

Name: P*** K*****
Date: 2017-10-29 16:04:00
Rating: 5
Comment: One of Gods Blessings to all

Name: M****** G*****
Date: 2017-10-22 14:34:17
Rating: 5
Comment: This is an amazing place to worship God.

Name: D** R****** R****
Date: 2017-09-24 15:21:42
Rating: 5
Comment: Great place for families to be enriched in Gods Word and Joy!

Name: S**** R***
Date: 2017-08-13 16:07:04
Rating: 5
Comment: Awesome MESSAGES...really enjoy my Sundays here

Name: J*** F**** N*****
Date: 2017-08-06 16:48:06
Rating: 5
Comment: Spirit filled , friendly . Pastor Hector is very kind and loves the Lord. Try it !!

Name: P******* W***
Date: 2017-07-16 17:46:47
Rating: 5
Comment: Had an Awesome Worship experience! The uncut word of God being taught from the Bible by Pastor Dumas. The congregation very friendly. Really enjoyed and will be back.

Name: M****** G*****
Date: 2017-04-20 03:24:55
Rating: 5
Comment: We are not only welcoming you to visit our church but more so to come and be part of our amazing Family and make a difference in our community.. we do church together but we also do life together. We simply Love our Crossing Church!! 😇 #southshore #family #community #loveforJesus.

Name: G*** W*****
Date: 2017-04-18 16:01:31
Rating: 5
Comment: Love my Church. And by the Church, I mean the people that make up and who are The Church! Bless you family!

Name: H***** R*****
Date: 2017-04-10 17:32:58
Rating: 5
Comment: Where lives are transformed through the power of Jesus Christ!

Name: J**** B*********
Date: 2017-04-09 22:18:03
Rating: 5
Comment: Family environment

Name: M****** M********
Date: 2017-04-02 12:32:49
Rating: 5
Comment: Great place to Worship! If you are looking for a Christ filled church, this is it! #wearecrossing

Name: A***** R*****
Date: 2017-04-02 12:27:48
Rating: 5
Comment: Hands down changed my life!!! At the crossings we say We Are Family, everytime I walk in the door and its just like Im walking into my own house! Thank you Jesus.

Name: D** R****** R****
Date: 2017-03-30 09:51:36
Rating: 5
Comment: Blessed home!